Wednesday, May 18, 2011

With so much drama in the L.B.C.

It ain't easy being Snoop the big H.O.E....

So I'm watching Spongebob the other day, and Nick plays one of their manufactured bands music videos. A boy band named "Big Time Rush"... The songs called something like "I Want to be Your Boyfriend" or some shit. Anyway, I'm sitting there waiting for this god-awful song to end so I can get back to Spongebob, and who pops up and starts singing in the middle of the song??

Snoop D.O. Double G.

What!?! Is he really so irrelevant now that he's stooped to singing with Nickelodeon manufactured Boy Bands?? Or is it simply a sell-out move??

Either way, I no longer have any respect for him, and officially no longer like him. Granted, I haven't listened to any of his stuff since Doggystyle, but I always though he was pretty cool. Until now...

I want to be your boyfriend!?!? Really!?! What happened to 'We don't love them hoes"?

It looks like the pimp is now the hoe... Congratulations Snoop... You're officially a bitch!

I would tweet this post to him, but Justin Beiber may show up at my house strapped with a gat...