Friday, July 23, 2010

Farm Games - WTF!?!

OK.... I see these freaking Farm Games everywhere - On Facebook, on my iPhone.... So I downloaded one, and checked it out....

First you have unplowed land:

Then you plow it, which costs money, but gives you experience:

Then you pick something to plant on it:

Then you plant it, which costs you money, but gives you experience:

Then you wait:

And wait and wait... then when it's finished, you pick it and start over..... More experience opens up new stuff you can plant. But it also opens up a bunch of crap that costs you money, and gives you NOTHING....

Is there a goal to this game?

I gained experience points and was able to buy a chair.

The chair does shit for me.... It doesnt give me experience, it doesnt give me money.... it costs me not only money, but a square of my land.... And not only that but it costs me a GEM. How the fuck do you get gems? Oh! You pay real life money for them.

So I pay $1.00 for a gem, to buy a cyber-chair that takes up a square on my 12x12 virtual farm, that offers nothing in return? And these companys are making bookoo bucks....

I want to know who the jackasses are out there buying the chairs!!!

I don't get it.... maybe I'm missing something....