Lazily "Going Green"

Over the weekend, I was at a friends house. I needed to use the restroom, but also needed to throw something away.
The following map will help explain:

If you can't see the map, it is here.

It's not quite to scale, but you get the idea.

I started at number 1. The trash can was at number 2, and 'X' marks the spot of the restroom.

The blue lines are the path I followed. When I returned, my friend laughed and said I had gone the long way to the restroom. She suggested the red lines were a much quicker way. Now we aren't talking miles here.... maybe a few extra feet, possibly 10 maybe.

I said that my path, while maybe actually longer, required me to exert less energy, as my momentum was already heading in that direction, and I could simply toss my trash in the can, without stopping, and continue around the house. I argued that stopping, and changing direction would actually require me to put out more energy than taking the 'long way'.

We didn't spend hours discussing it, maybe a minute, maybe not even that long. But I've been thinking about it, and my original excuse was that I am lazy, and it would take extra effort to change my momentum and direction. But after thinking about it... I think maybe subconsciously, I'm helping to save the planet.

Conserving the energy it would have taken to change direction, means smaller carbon footprint right?

Hey, I'm "Going Green"!