Monday, September 14, 2009

Famous Footwear Fails... 1.... 2.... 3 times!

Famous Footwear might be good at providing a good price on shoes, but they fail miserably when it comes to the Internet...

Fail #1:
I received a shipping confirmation from them that my order had shipped. It said the shipping method was UPS ground, and listed my tracking number, and a link to track my package. I clicked the link and it took me to which informed me I entered an incorrect tracking number. I checked that the number that was being tracked was the same as the one listed in my email, it was.

So I went to Famous Footwear's website and logged into my account. There was an option to track my order so I clicked it. It took me to which informed me that my package was indeed en route, and was last checked in West Virginia.

Fail #2:
I clicked on the Contact Us link to inform Famous Footwear of their utter failure in correctly listing and linking to the shipping provider in their confirmation email. However, instead of an email address to send my correspondence to, it provides me with a web form through which I must make my comment.

Not to go off on a tangent here, but I HATE!!!!! companies that make you submit comments or questions via a web form. HATE IT!!! Volkswagen of America makes you do this and has like a 200 character limit on their form. How the fuck am I supposed to make an intelligent comment or question in 200 characters or less? how do u swtch 2 a rabit? Like that? What the fuck!?!?!

Anyways, So I type the following into the form (without the hyphens of course):

The email you sent me for shipping confirmation contained the following:

Shipping Method: UPS Ground
Tracking number for this item: 9102185456352039968967
Please allow 1-2 days for tracking information to appear.

The tracking number was linked, and clicking it took me to tracking site, trying to track the number.

UPS site said it was an invalid tracking number.

So I logged into your website, and tracked it, and your site tracked it properly, but it is a FedEx shipment, not UPS.

So my comment is basically that your confirmation email was incorrect in both the Shipping Method, as well as the link to track my shipment.



So I hit submit, and it says: "No special characters allowed" and will not let me submit the comment.

Thinking the colons might be the problem, I remove them. Same error. So I remove ALL the punctuation.... same problem.... WTF!?!?

Fail #3:
I erase all the above that I had typed, and type the following:

Your shipping confirmation email is wrong, and this form im typing you this comment is is broken. It wont let me send you my comments, so if you're interested, email me

Click submit, and I get: "No special characters allowed"

Maybe the letter 'c' is now considered a special character!?!? I don't know...

So I erase it and simply type: This form is broke

It worked fine, and sent my comments along.