How to pour the perfect Black and Tan

Short answer: Buy you a Brutul Turtle

The Brutul Turtle is a device that sits on the top of your glass. After filling the glass halfway with your favorite "tan" beer (I use Harp), put the turtle on your glass, and slowly pour your favorite "black" beer on it's shell. This makes a perfectly layered black and tan everytime.

Before discovering the turtle, I always used the back of a spoon. While this works (most of the time), the turtle works ALL the time. Plus you don't get the huge mess that you get with a spoon when the beer runs down the handle, then down the outside of your glass!

If you'd like to pour the perfect black and tans, in the comfort of your own home, I highly recommend the Brutul Turtle. I keep mine in the freezer with all my pint glasses, so it's nice and chilled when I use it.

Here's a photo of a black and tan, poured with the turtle...

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