Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IM Push Notification on iPhone

Ok, maybe I'm late to the game, but I've found a workaround for the lack of push notification for IMs on the iPhone...

First of all it requres IM+, the paid version, from Shape Services. Right now it is on sale for $7.99 instead of the original $9.99.

You also need unlimited texting, or it could get expensive.

IM+ is also really sweet because it also works with all your IM clients: AOL, Google, MSN, Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, and Jabber.

First, there are a couple options in IM+ to setup. First, set it to keep you online even when ya close it. I set mine for 3 days. Then set it to email you when you get an IM.

Next set up your email address as [your cell phone number, including area code]

Now, when you receive an IM, even when the app is closed, you will receive notification via SMS. Then you just pop into IM+ and there's your message, waiting to be replied to....

Friday, April 24, 2009

DIY Ottoman

I finished up the ottoman for my wife today, so here's a little how-to post with some pics.

She wanted one that opens like a chest so she could store some things in it.

Tools needed:

Mandatory - Smokes and PBR!

Optional - everything else.....

You can make a great ottoman in your mind, without the need for any tools on a twelver of PBR....

But if you ACTUALLY want to make one, then you'll need:

An ottoman you made out of plywood.

I made the box a while ago, and don't have any pictures of that process, but just know this... To make an ottoman, you first need to make a wooden box.

Here's mine, 4' x 2' x 1.5' tall:

Why did I choose that size? Because it was originally going to be a casket for my 11 year old daughter who was reeeeeealy getting on my nerves that day.....

No, seriously, I'd never kill my daughter.....

I'd pay someone else to. I can't stand the sight of blood....

You'll also need:

Spray on Adhesive
Staple Gun (Remeber after the DIY Poker Table, we bought an electric one)
Upholstery Tacks
A Hammer (for the tacks of course)
2" foam
Some type of hinge device
A Screwdriver (Electric if you buy the hinge I did that takes 400,000 fucking screws)

Now that you have all your materials together, sit down and have a beer.

After you finish your PBR, take the lid of the box, then take some spray on adhesive, and spray it all over the top of the lid.

Then affix your 2" foam to it. Flip it foam side down and stand on it. My glue dried quickly.

Now, lie your box on it's side, and lay your batting out and get it where you want it, then lift one side, glue it, lift the other side and glue it. You want some to hang over both the top and bottom of the box, and wrap around the ends as well.

Depending on the length of your batting, you may be able to get 2,3 or maybe all 4 sides with one piece. Mine was too long for 2 sides, but too short for 3, so I trimmed it, glued it, then did the same with a second piece:

When I put the second piece on, I overlapped the first piece a little at each end:

Ok, so the batting is done, lay your box down and admire your badass skills!

Now, put the top on and say "oh shit yeah!"

And there you have it, your own DIY ottoman!! Kick back, relax, drink a beer......

Nah... Just fucking around... About the being done part. You still need to have your beer, then come back and finish up....

After your beer, flip the box back on it's side and cut a piece of cloth slightly bigger than the side.

I used "suede" to do mine, and it had this funky ass edge, so I cut it off....

Now staple down one side. Don't staple near the ends, as we have to do something in a bit before stapling those.

Now flip it on it's end and cut another piece of fabric slightly bigger than the end. Staple it down, keeping the fabric taunt. Fold the corners down to the bottom side of the box like you do a Christmas present.

And on the top side, fold the corners into the box, and staple.

Now were on to the long side ends, where we didn't staple before. But it's kind of a tricky part, so go grab a beer....

After your beer, your going to take the ends, and fold them over. I made mine overlap the end by 2". I just picked it cause it was easy to remember. If you want fatass ends, go for it. If you want tiny little petite ends, have at that too. I think the 2" folds look pretty good.

Fold the fabric, then overlap the end by however big you want your overlap, and tack it with an upholstery tack.

Go ahead and put a few tacks in it to keep it in place. These tacks are going to be in the finished product, so make sure you like where you put them, and the way they look.

Now pull the fold down the bottom of the box, and pull the other material over it. Again, sort of like wrapping a christmas present.

Staple it all up good, then trim off all the extra fabric on the bottom. Trim it to about 1" from the staples.

Now it should be all pretty like!!

Go have a celebratory smoke and beer!!

After that, just do the same thing for the other long side, and fold and tack the end again, and you should have something that is beginning to resemble furniture...

Now you can go add more tacks if you'd like. I put five tacks per fold. You can do more, you can do less... I don't know what harm is done in either scenario, so just do what you think looks good.

Now, flip the box, and do the other end piece and you two folds there, staple, and trim. The box is done! Go have another beer!

The top is easy. Just like in the DIY Poker Table, you just lay it on the fabric, pull and staple. Apparently after all those beers, I forgot to take pictures of this step. But it's simple. The hardest part is the corners, but if you just play with them, and pretend your wrapping a christmas present for yourself, you'll get it.

After you cover the top, lay it on the box.

Wow! That's dang purty! Another beer? Nah. lets go ahead and hinge this bastard first.

Now i fucked the hinge up. I always do. Me and hinges ain't never seen eye to eye, and if I got a hinge to put on something, you can bet safe money on me putting the hinge on twice.

Well this was no different.

I bought one of those long ass hinges. Im not sure what they're really for. Hell, they could really be for this exact application, but I'd never know. Any how, thats what I bought.

So I laid the box on it's back, on top of some 2x4's as the foam on the top is 2" thick. (Hey now, thats using your fucking noodle!)

And I opened the hinge flat and screwed it in! One side of the hinge against the bottom of the lid, the other along the back, inside wall of the box.

Fuck it! Looks good to me!
Lets close her up and see how she looks!

It might be a little difficult to see in that photo, but the lid is shifted about 1/4" forward. Or should I say shifted the width of the plywood used for the box, forward.... Dammit! Mounted the fucking hinge wrong!

Time for a pissed off, cry in my beer, beer....

Afterwards, I took the hinge off of the box, but left it on the lid, I'm sure the lid is good.

Instead of screwing it to the inside, back wall of the box, this time I screwed it to the top of the back wall. so it's like in the edge of the plywood.

It's kind of a bitch to do, and I had to enlist the help of my son, a stool, a Wii Fit board, and some magazines to get it to the right height. He held, I screwed.

Ok, lets close it, and see if I got it right this time....

Holy Mary! Mother of Jesus! It fits! And it looks gooooood!

But now, does it open?

Holy shit! johnny Fucking Carpenter does it again!!!

Now there's only one thing left.

Push it up next to your sofa.....

Kick back.... drink a beer.... and watch pirated movies!!!

Texas Thieves Had it Right in 2004

The Texas Thieves totally called this CraigsList Killer back in 2004... but their version was a guy buying classic cars.. not a dude cruising for a massage....

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Norton Security Scan is a Piece of Shit!

The following is my opinion:

Norton Security Scan is MALWARE!!!

This piece of shit software continues to install itself on my PC.

Ever since the Norton tools were bought by Symantec, they have sucked ass and I would never install, nor would I ever recommend anyone install, one of their products.....

They claim to be a security company, but thats just a ruse.....

(turning the page)
I don't appreciate your ruse, ma'am.

I beg your pardon!

(reading on)
Your ruse. Your cunning attempt to
trick me.
If their product weren't malware, then why shouldn't I be able to uninstall via Control Panel, or an UNINSTALL program?

This goddamn Security Scan piece of shit is the worst!

I've uninstalled it like 3 times in the past 4 months.

This is what I've done tonight:

Unistalled the piece of shit
Created a c:\Norton Security Scan directory
Left it empty, and made it READ ONLY
Lets see if it installs itself again......

Friday, April 03, 2009

Free Hyundai Accent SE with hat purchase

I got a FREE Hyundai Accent SE with the purchase of a $13,000 Hyundai Baseball cap!!