Friday, February 27, 2009

I'd Go to This Church

Here's a short clip from one of my favorite movies.... I might go to church if the sermons were this great....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spam Harvest Revisted - or maybe rethought

Ok, I had posted an email I received that was spam, and all the idiots, including the guy who sent it to me, did not remove any of the previous recipients email addresses. I had posted the message in it's entirety here, so spam bots could harvest the email addresses and spam the spammers.

It was stated that it wasn't fair to the innocent people who did not send it on, but were merely included in the TOO: line...

I agree, so I've removed it.

I've now created a little listing on the left, that I will just type in those email addresses of the people who were the ones who actually forwarded the spam. Or in the case of non-chain letter spam, the reply address provided in the spam.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My 200,000 BTU Heater from Hell

We had a party Saturday night, and I needed a heater to heat my garage. So I picked up this 200,000 BTU heater from Hell at Home Depot for $58.00

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bailouts Were Really for China

Ok, so now the truth comes out.

The $700 BILLION bailout wasn't to help American's, or alleviate any of our economic problems...

It was to bailout China....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

iPhone Development

Im trying to learn to write apps for the iPhone/Mac.

Im a procedural programmer, and have been having a hell of a time grasping the whole object oriented programming crap. I tried to jump into Java a while back, bought a book, ran through it cover to cover, did all the example programs, but still didn't get it.

Recently, I decided to give it another go, but on my Mac/iPhone. I read that the Mac and iPhone use Objective-C, which is an OOP based on C. I wouldn't consider myself I C master, hell, I wouldn't consider myself a C novice... but I know enough C to modify an existing program, and get it to still compile and run with some small new functionality.

I am a web developer - That means I use PHP, VBScript ASP, and Javascript as my main languages. These scripting languages are procedural languages. Just like C. The program executes from top to bottom, unless you tell it to go elsewhere, and when it's done going elsewhere, it comes back to that point, and continues until it reaches the bottom.

That's been my frame of mind when it comes to programming for about 15 years now. So I am having a hell of a time grasping this new-fangled OOP. But I've read like 3 books (Que, Oreilly, and one other) and think I might be beginning to understand it slightly.

Here is my first iPhone app that isn't sample code provided in one of the books:

Well, you can't read the buttons apparently, because Blogger shrank my video down really small. But the top button says: You Suck!

and the bottom button says: I Know!!