Saturday, January 31, 2009

Google Fails Again

Well it seems that no matter what you search for on Google this morning, every site it returns "may harm your computer" and it will not pass you to the site.

Hell, they even block themselves:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Saints Row 2 vs. GTA IV [PC]

Ok, I already got a post about how Rockstar has killed the GTA franchise, so I won't go into that too much here. I just want to give my opinion on Saints Row 2 vs. GTA IV.

GTA4: Youre an eastern block refugee named Nico, who is a closet queer.
SR2: You're whoever the hell you want to be, and whatever you make your guy look like, thats what he looks like in the cutscenes too. Its a very nice addition.

GTA4: Awesome graphics and physics engine!!
SR2: Good graphics and physics, similar to GTA:SA

GTA4: Driving is fun, and crashing is funner.
SR2: Driving sucks ass, and crahsing is inevitable.

GTA4: All you friends are closet queers who cry and pout when you don't hang out with them.
SR2: All your friends are badass gangsters who like to fuck shit up.

GTA4: Your cell phone is a major piece of equipment in your inventory. Your whiney friends call you non-stop, crying that you haven't hung out with them for a while.
SR2: Did you know you have a cell phone? It's in the [ESC] menu a few tabs over. I think I used it once or twice on a sniper mission.

GTA4: Lots of cool nuances added to the game, but you never use them. Like the ability to pick up small objects in the environment, or the ability to do special kills on certain people.
SR2: Lots of cool nuances in the game that you actually use a lot. Like being able to grab someone and use them as a human shield, or recruiting gang members to help you out.

GTA4: Not really any flying to be done. There are smoe little piece of shit helicopters around, but none you can shoot from.
SR2: Some sweet helicopters, including one with machine guns and laser guided missles.

GTA4: Moneys only good for ammo. No property to buy. Buying clothes doesn't do shit for you.
SR2: Most of your money will go toward ammo. But plenty of property to buy, and buying new clothers increases your street cred.

GTA4: Your garage is a piece of shit two car parking spot in front of your house.
SR2: Your garage stores a fuckload of cars, and helicopters.

GTA4: Youre spending the whole game tracking down some dude who fucked you over in the war.
SR2: You spend the whole game taking over the city, and eliminating rival gangs. (Like GTA:SA)

GTA4: You won't last long in a police shootout. Once you get a bunch of stars, you better lose them, or go to a Pay and Spray. Otherwise they shred you.
SR2: With enough bullets, you can go toe to toe with the cops for quite some time. Especially from a rooftop.

GTA4: Beat the main story it in about 20 playing hours.
SR2: Beat the main story in about 20 playing hours.

GTA4: Overall its fun just to play with the physics engine. Other than that, it's a shitty story, with shittier characters. Unless you like going on man-dates, and listening to your "macho" friends cry about hanging out, steer clear.
SR2: If it weren't for the driving sucking so much ass, this game would be KILLER! Don't get me wrong - you (kind of) get used to the driving, and are able to manage later in the game, but the driving REALLY could use some work! This is definitley my pick of the two. Saints Row 2 is GTA:SA with a kick in the ass.

So if you're debating on which of these games to buy, get Saints Row 2. You'll be much happier.