Rockstar Games has Killed the Grand Theft Auto Franchise

WTF Rockstar?

The Grand Theft auto series has been my all-time favorite PC game-line.....

Until GTA IV......

First of all, it was a serious headache to install.

What the hell is this Rockstar Social Club thing? Im ANTI-Social! I hate people. Thats why I don't have a MySpace page, or a FaceBook page, or any of that dumb ass shit.... Now I HAVE to join this dumbass "Social Club" in order to play the game?

I think this is a ploy to position themselves to be like Steam, and deliver downloadable games through, so I understand the reasoning, but it's still fucking stupid. So I install their shitty ass Social Club... Then it says I need to have a Games for Windows Live account....

I have to create a what? A Games For Windows Live account? Why? Windows is a piece of shit. Microsoft is a piece of shit. Now I have to create an account on their shitty service just to play the most awesomest game in the world? WTF!?!?

Ok, so I'm jonesing for some GTA action, so I buckle and create the account. Link my what? What the hell does it want me to link? I don't have a shitty XBox, I don't have any stupid account to link.... How the fuck do I just play the goddamn game?

After about 30 minutes or so of fucking around, I think I finally got the game installed. So I launch it.

Oh hells yes! FINALLY!!!!!

Well I've been playing for 10 days now. I bought it on the 3rd of December.

This morning, a little window pops up and says their gay ass Social Club needs an update. So whatever. I install it. I been working on home movies for most of the morning, so I just let it run in the background.

Well now, I'm waiting on a movie to import, and it says it's going to take like 25 minutes, so I figure I'll play some GTA. So I launch it. And I notice it says I'm logged in (Offline). WTF? My internet's working fine. So I hit their stupid ass HOME key, (cause thats the shitty ass in game Live key) and click Log In to Live.

It tells me an update is available for the game, and that if I don't download it, I won't be able to play on Live. Ok, who gives a shit. If I can play the goddamn thing offline, why they fuck did you force me to create the stupid ass account in the first place!?!?

Im one to generally apply patches to games, as they are usually released to fix bugs and such, so I download it. It tells me my computer may restart after the install. Of course it will, we are talking about Microsoft Windows here.....

Well the download finishes, and then I get the following kick ass error message:

Hello..... Microsoft/Rockstar.....

Thanks for ruining the best game EVAR!!!

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