Full Tilt Poker Is a piece of shit

Ok, so here's my bitch on Full Tilt:

I signed up years ago, using the name Phudgee.... I just play for play money on there, checking it out. Last year I signed up with the name AirCoolers, cause thats the name I play on all the other poker sites with. I deposit some money, and it comes time to deposit again..... all my credit cards are hostile banks, but FullTilt now offers eChecks - like Pokerstars does... So I do an eCheck deposit.

I deposit $50, fill out the forms, and it boots me off, and I can no longer log in....

I email FullTilt support, and they tell me I have two accounts, and AirCoolers has been closed. They say I can play Phudgee if I want to play. No... Phudgee was the play money account, I play REAL money under AirCoolers....

So I email Full Tilt back and explain this. They don't care. I've played REAL money under AirCoolers for over a year, and they suddenly want to shitcan that account and make me play Phudgee. 

So I email them back and DEMAND that they give me rakeback, and DEMAND that they let me use AirCoolers. I also include a copy of a Pokerstars deposit I made in the interim. The write back and basically tell me to fuck off.

A couple weeks later, I make another Pokerstars deposit, and carbon copy Full Tilt on it. They reply by telling me I can cancel my account if I no longer wish to use it. I don't reply, cause thats how I roll.

The day before yesterday, I get an email from Full Tilt offering me rakeback. I go to the site and sign up. I then email FullTilt support to ensure I'm going to get rakeback. I might not be able to use AirCoolers, but rakeback was a nice bone they threw my way, so I'll bite.

So I log on tonight, and try to do an eCheck deposit of $50.

BAMP!!! Instant account lockout!

I don't know what the hell Full Tilt is doing - So I emailed them the following:


Jesus Fucking Christ Already

Charles Teets

 to Full
show details 11:39 PM (21 minutes ago)

I just went through a three week long email trail (Pokerstars deposits included) with you guys because you disabled my account because I had a play money account and a real money account.

We seemed to have gotten that straight.

You sent me an email to sign up and get rakeback.

I signed up for rakeback, emailed you guys and you said everything was cool.

I tried to make a deposit just now and my fucking account just disabled again.

This is ridiculous.... take your poker site and stuff it.... I've had ZERO problems with PokerStars. 

I've never had so much trouble in my life trying to give someone money - jesus christ - TELL ME WHAT SHADE OF GREEN IT IS YOU WANT!!!

If I get another bullshit reply, Im not only going to go deposit more money on Pokerstars, just to carbon them on the receipt, but I'm going to take a photo of myself in my PokerStars Hat, telling them to fuck off and include that as well.

I'm sure more will follow.

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