DIY Spartan Gear

My son wanted to be a Spartan for Halloween this year. Buying costumes is so fucking lame. So we made his. Heres what we did:

First, we needed cardboard, and lots of it. Luckily, I had plenty:

Next, we made a ring with about a 1 inch strip of cardboard, then strengthened it by crisscrossing other strips, and duct taping it all together:

Perfect Fits!

Next, we then took cardboard pieces and duct tape, and cut and formed them and taped them together to make a helmet:

Again, perfect fits!

So we needed something to make the crown thingy out of, and I had read on another blog where someone used a broom. I thought, "Hey! We can totally use a broom too!" So I took a broom, and cut it off on my Miter Saw:

Then we spray painted it red:

The nest thing to do, was fiberglass the thing:

Here it is after adding the mount for the crown thingy:

And now, the crown thingy:

After the fiberglass dried, we trimmed it up, and sanded it. Notice the dust mask in the next picture... fiberglass dust can really fuck you up. Saftey First!
Again, perfect fits!

Then we spreay painted it brass:

Two wrist guards, two shin guards, a little bit of spray paint, and a red bed sheet later: