Thursday, October 30, 2008

Google Fails!

Come on Google!!!

Why isn't Chrome compatible with Blogger?


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Apple's Control Issues

I'm no marketing genius, nor do I have an MBA or anything, but i do consider myself as having a great deal of common sense...

So when it comes to Apple and their hardware, I fail to recognize why they do the things they do. I have an iPhone. That iPhone has been jailbroken. When people ask me if I think the iPhone is worth the price, my answer has always been the same.. "jailbroken, it's worth every penny. Unjailbroken, it's waaay overpriced."

Jailbreaking the phone gives you the ability to do so much more with it, then not. I have a camera app which allows me to zoom in and out. I have an app that allows me to record video with sound. I can drop to a terminal. I can display all of my upcoming calendar events on my lock screen. I can theme it, either by downloading, or creating my own themes. I can wardrive with it. I can download files with the browser. I can ssh/sftp to and from the phone. I can download music off the net, straight to my phone. And so much more.

I understand jailbreaking the phone voids my warranty. If ever I have a problem, I'd simply do a complete restore in iTunes. So why does Apple want to put an end to jailbreaking?

If the phone does all this via jailbreaking, I would think it would drum up more sales. In return, jailbreaking voids the warranty. Therefore, Apple enjoys more sales with no increase in support costs. No jackass in his right mind would call support with a jailbroken phone. They'd do a restore. Then guess what? It works. No need to call support.

Apple has supposedly put some kind of check into iTunes 8 that checks to see if your device is jailbroken, and won't let you sync. WTF is that? The fellows who cracked the iPhone have already got patches out to get around Apples attempt at thwarting jailbreaking.

So my question is... Without jailbreaking, you sell less phones. With jailbreaking, you sell more phones but don't increase your support liability. So why spend money to prevent jailbreaking? That to me is spending money to make less money. Kind of against the whole purpose of being in business if you ask me.

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