Fuck Off XM Radio

XM radio channels go from 1 to 256. Of this, 9 are country stations, 3 are Christian, 15 are rock, 7 are hip hop, 5 are jazz and blues, 14 are news, 54 are sports, and 1 plays punk.

Some jackass up at XM corporate named Jon Zellner, thought a channel that plays nothing but AC/DC 24/7 would be a good idea. I mean, what the hell... they got a 24/7 Metallica and a 24/7 Led Zepelin channel.

So when this programming GENIUS sat down and looked at the current programming guide, where do you think he put it? Yep! In place of the one genre that only had 1 measly channel.

My radio had been out of commission for almost 2 months, and yesterday I reactivated for a year. Tuned to 53 and what do I hear? AC/DC!?!? On Fungus? I look at the display and it doesn't say Fungus, it days AC/DC. I scoured the web for answers, and fired off some emails.

Today I received a form email regarding the DEMISE of Fungus 53.

So as that was the only reason I was an XM subscriber, there was nothing I could do but call, cancel and demand a full refund, which I received.

Maybe this is why your stock is in the toilet at $0.80 a share, and you're about to go belly up.

So to XM, and the programming genius who got rid of an entire genre of music so he could hear Back in Black around the clock.... I say... FUCK YOU! I hope you die a painful, bankruptcy filled death.

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