Dancing And Jesus

Last night I became painfully aware of the fact that people who like to dance, are the Jesus-freaks of night clubs. While the bible thumpers are easily discouraged with a bluntly put "Fuck off!", or a slammed door in the face.... Dancers are a hell of a lot more persistant, and almost require physical violence to be dealt with.

You know, I do think you have fun dancing... I'm not doubting that. But your theory that if I just got out there and tried it, that I too would love it, is quite flawed. You see, I do not gain enjoyment from making a jackass of myself. Nor can I think of any activity which causes you to sweat, that I would call "fun".... I'd call it: work.

Your pestering the hell out of me to dance, is no more going to get me on the dancefloor, than the two guys in ties on my front porch are going to get me in the gates of heaven. But you see, that's where the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints moves on to the next house, yet this is the point at which the dancers increase their pestering.

Never have I had the two guys in ties, grab me by the arms and try to pull me to Jesus. Neither have they ever tried to use my refusal to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour as a slight against them personnaly. The two guys on my porch have never called in friends for assistance in making me see the light... They have never told complete strangers, that I am a non-believer and asked them to explain to me the joys of loving the Lord...

You know, I may think picking my nose is fun... But you'll never find me trying to convince you that you too would fine pure extacy in doing it yourself. I'm sure you've seen people do it, and I realize that if you thought it looked fun, that you would have tried it... And if you did find enjoyment it, you too would be a nose picker.. So I do not see a reason to try and get you to try it.

So when it comes to having two guys in shirt and tie trying to bring me to the lord, or someone who thinks dancing is "fun", give me the Jesus Freak any day......

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