Homeland Security Thinks Women are Idiots

I'm currently in Dallas, TX. I flew out here earlier today for a training course. Prior to leaving, I went to the TSA's website to see if lighters were still a banned item for carry on. I found this page.

On the page are several PDF files of allowed and disallowed items, along with 2 videos in particular... one is for male business travellers, and the other is for women business travellers.

Here are the two videos.... woman traveller first:

And here is the Male business traveller:

Ok, now what was the difference between those 2 videos?

The man had a laptop. The woman had a big ass purse and no laptop.

Does the TSA think women are too stupid to operate computers?

If not, then why even have 2 videos? Why not just have BUSINESS TRAVELLER..... not MALE business traveller, and FEMALE business traveller......