Saturday, February 16, 2008

Something I Really Didn't Want to See

Ok, so I'm at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, drinking my second big beer at a TGIFridays......

Just outside, in the terminal area, 3 TSA folks just went hauling ass through the terminal.....

So if this happens to be my last post, and you hear on the news that DFW blew up or something.... then you know what's up.....

My guess is someone snuck a can of soda past security..... so they're gonna go beat him down..... either than or someone scored by smuggling in 4 ounces of jelly.....

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Homeland Security Thinks Women are Idiots

I'm currently in Dallas, TX. I flew out here earlier today for a training course. Prior to leaving, I went to the TSA's website to see if lighters were still a banned item for carry on. I found this page.

On the page are several PDF files of allowed and disallowed items, along with 2 videos in particular... one is for male business travellers, and the other is for women business travellers.

Here are the two videos.... woman traveller first:

And here is the Male business traveller:

Ok, now what was the difference between those 2 videos?

The man had a laptop. The woman had a big ass purse and no laptop.

Does the TSA think women are too stupid to operate computers?

If not, then why even have 2 videos? Why not just have BUSINESS TRAVELLER..... not MALE business traveller, and FEMALE business traveller......