Ohs noes! Teh pillz maed me do its!

Ok...... so I'm walking from my office to my garage to take a break and have a cigarette about 5 minutes ago.

As I walk through the living room, my wife has the TV on, and a commercial for some miracle drug is playing, and they're going through the typical side effects list, and warning you to call your doctor if any of the symptoms appear.

So I'm really not paying it any mind, just leisurely strolling through to get my nicotine fix. But wait.... I heard something.... they didn't just say...... did they? So I stop..... I wait for them to show the medicine name, and I jot it down.... after my smoke, I'll go to their website and look at the list of side effects, and see if I just heard what I thought I heard.....

Ok, so the medicine name is MIRAPEX. So I Google it. OK, www.mirapex.com cool! So I'm looking for some link that says SIDE EFFECTS all real big or some shit - cause they say them in every commercial, I would asume they have to be easy to find on their website. But nothing..... then I see a link to FAQs. OK, let's start there.....

Great! A FAQ that asks: What are possible side effects.

Just what I'm looking for...... so I'm scanning the document... and sure enough, there it sits:

"There have been reports of patients taking... MIRAPEX, that have reported problems with gambling"

Ok, in the commercial it was worded: If you find you have problems with Gambling while taking Mirapex, consult your physician."

OK, hold on a second..... dizziness, headaches, diarrhea, I'm used to these being typical side effects of medicines.... thats one of the main reasons I stay away from them.... why do I want to take a pill to stop my heartburn, if it's just going to give me the shits all day long.... I think I'll stick with heartburn thanks!

Gambling! WTF?!? So this would be like a roofie for non-gamblers. We play poker every two weeks, and I have a buddy that doesn't like to gamble, so he doesn't play with us, but I could slip him one of these baby's, and we got some action!!!

Or does this instead open a whole new legal avenue for people to reclaim gambling loses?!?! The pills!!! It was the pills!! They made me gamble my house and kids' college savings away! Then they sue the casino for their money back - because after all, the pills made them do it.....

So then I notice, it also causes hallucinations! Holy shit - ummmm... so does LSD...... WTF?

And the pills are for "Restless Leg Syndrome" another bullshit manufactured "problem" that plagues our nation.... just like "Attention Deficit Disorder" and "Alocoholism"..... in the first case, it's people that really just don't give a shit about the task at hand and have no intention to pay attention to what the fuck is going on..... The second group is just a group of folks who like to drink.... PAY ATTENTION DUMBASS!!!! PUT DOWN THE DRINK RUMMY!!!

Restless leg syndrome....... So now instead of a bunch of people who have a lot of energy, and can't seem to sit still, we have a bunch of people with a lot of energy on some pill that makes them gamble and see shit.... great....