Netflix DRM - Revisited

Ok, so I sat marinating in anger over this whole Netflix DRM issue for a few days. So, what do I do? Google it. After a bit of searching, I have found that it is a very simple process to download the streaming movie to a WMV file, rip out that DRM bullshit, and watch the movie.

Theres only three programs needed, all of which are FREE!

cUrl, drmdbg and FreeMe2

cUrl downloads the movie to a WMV

drmdbg gives you the SID of the movie

FreeMe2 rips out the DRM crap.

So thanks to DRM not allowing me to watch Tater Salad on my TV, I now have a copy of Tater Salad that I could burn to DVD, share with my friends, or upload to the Internet somewhere (If I so choose to) Had it just allowed me to watch the stupid movie on my television, I would have never searched Google for: Netflix DRM and never would have found out how simple it is to download these instant view movies and rip out the DRM.

Thanks DRM!! Fine job! You have served your purpose.....

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