Monday, June 25, 2007


Ok, the IRS doesn't think the world of small business accounting is
already a fucking nightmare, so they decided this year would be a good
time to fuck it up even more....

Starting this year, in order to file taxes electronically, you need a
PIN number.

Why I would give a fuck if some other person claimed to be me, and paid
my taxes for me, I'll never know.... but anyways....

So I use Quickbooks. Have for 4 years. I always just click on Pay
Payroll Liabilities, and my money is automagically sent to the IRS. Then
I click Process Payroll Forms and the forms are automagically delivered
to them as well.

So 1st Quarter 2007.....

Quickbooks notifies me that I need to enroll in EFTPS and get a pin
number before I can pay my taxes. No sweat... I click what it says and
says that Ill receive my PIN in 1 - 2 weeks... ok fine

2 weeks later, I receive a letter from the IRS with a 8 digit number
enclosed. Sweet! My PIN...

I log into quickbooks and submit my taxes.... it asks for a 4 digit pin.
What the fuck? So I try the first four digits of the 8.... it says in 48
hours ill know if it was accepted.

2 days later it was rejected.

I tried again with the last 4 digits..... again, in 48 hours I'll know
if it was accepted....



I call the IRS to find out what the hell is going on. They tell me I'm
not enrolled in EFTPS and that I need to go to the website to
enroll..... fuuuuuck.... OK

I enroll.... it says in 2 weeks ill have my shit.....

Well, today, I get a letter with a 18 digit enrollment number, a 4 digit
pin, and a 6 digit internet password.....

Ok sweet...

Log into Quickbooks, submit my shit... enter my PIN and password.......

In 48 hours Ill know if it worked.

Ok fine.. So I go to submit the form.

It says I need a 10 digit form password....