Tuesday, September 04, 2007


While in OBX, we took the kids souvenir shopping. We usually go to your typical places; Wings, Kitty Hawk Kites, the Cotton Gin, etc..

Well, while in Kitty Hawk Kites, I was perusing their selection of fine wares, and came across what is probably one of my most awesomest finds... (Yes, awesomest is a word, I just said it, so it must be...)

Anyways, I picked me up a genuine Steve Irwin action figure, complete with big ass alligator....

Here is a shitty picture of it....

Is that awesome or what? It was only $7.00! And a portion of all proceeds go to some Australian zoo or some shit.... so there...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hey! Who's the fat kid?

I just got back from my yearly beach trip to the Outer Banks.

My father rents a place, and he, my step-mother, my grandmother, my family, all of my siblings and their families converge on this house for 1 week. Usually there are about 17 - 20 of us, but this year a few families didn't show so we only had 14.

It's fun and we all have a blast visiting, drinking, playing games, swimming, sunning, and fishing. We stay in the same house every year, and we all love it. It was a little haggard this year, but the owner said they are changing rental companies - so hopefully it will be back in order next year.

I took some really nice pics (similar to the ones I took in Hawaii) but I haven't got them up yet. I'll try to get them up this week.

In the meantime, heres some pics of some fat kid we found floating in our pool.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Ok, the IRS doesn't think the world of small business accounting is
already a fucking nightmare, so they decided this year would be a good
time to fuck it up even more....

Starting this year, in order to file taxes electronically, you need a
PIN number.

Why I would give a fuck if some other person claimed to be me, and paid
my taxes for me, I'll never know.... but anyways....

So I use Quickbooks. Have for 4 years. I always just click on Pay
Payroll Liabilities, and my money is automagically sent to the IRS. Then
I click Process Payroll Forms and the forms are automagically delivered
to them as well.

So 1st Quarter 2007.....

Quickbooks notifies me that I need to enroll in EFTPS and get a pin
number before I can pay my taxes. No sweat... I click what it says and
says that Ill receive my PIN in 1 - 2 weeks... ok fine

2 weeks later, I receive a letter from the IRS with a 8 digit number
enclosed. Sweet! My PIN...

I log into quickbooks and submit my taxes.... it asks for a 4 digit pin.
What the fuck? So I try the first four digits of the 8.... it says in 48
hours ill know if it was accepted.

2 days later it was rejected.

I tried again with the last 4 digits..... again, in 48 hours I'll know
if it was accepted....



I call the IRS to find out what the hell is going on. They tell me I'm
not enrolled in EFTPS and that I need to go to the website to
enroll..... fuuuuuck.... OK

I enroll.... it says in 2 weeks ill have my shit.....

Well, today, I get a letter with a 18 digit enrollment number, a 4 digit
pin, and a 6 digit internet password.....

Ok sweet...

Log into Quickbooks, submit my shit... enter my PIN and password.......

In 48 hours Ill know if it worked.

Ok fine.. So I go to submit the form.

It says I need a 10 digit form password....



Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stupid Shit

Ok, Im going to start noting stupid shit I see and posting it here.....

Todays Stupid Shit is as follows:

Im in Columbus, Ohio... in a hotel room.....

I am a little chilly, so I glance to the heater:

Ok, lets go crank the heat up a little bit.....

what the fuck does that say????

OK, so.....


Is it like a game?

When I go to the wall mount thermostat, is there going to be a note that says, "Temperature controlled by Front Desk, please dial '0'."?

Fucking stupid shit.....