Saturday, November 11, 2006

Suggestion box

I am on what's called a 'sensing team' at work.

Basically it is a group of employees who determine, via employee input, what problems there are in the workplace, come up with some solutions, and present them to management. Kind of a 'power in numbers' thing.

Anyways, I volunteered to make a suggestion box which we will place in the breakroom so employees can anonymously submit items to us. We are an IT shop, so we thought it would be cool to make the suggestion box resemble a computer.

First, I raped the front off an old pc I had lying around. Then I spliced a 9 volt battery into the power switch. Then I spliced the three LEDs from the front into that. Well, that was a bad idea, as I burned all 3 LEDs up in about 5 minutes. Hey, I'm a computer guy, not an electrical engineer.

Anyway, so I took 3 christmas lights, cut off the LEDs and spliced the lights in. That worked good. Hopefully they won't burn out too soon.

Well, this entry isn't really about what I'm making, but more about the tools....

You can see in the last picture, that I'm using a square to make sure the back and side are, well, square. As I sat here looking at it, I began to wonder....

How do I know the square is actually square?

Well, I guess I could use a protractor or some shit, but then how do I know the protractor is correct....

Then I started thinking of things we use all the time that require some sort of 'calibration' if you will, and how do we really know they are correct.....

A tape measure.... how do you REALLY know how big an inch is? You can check the tape measure against something I'm sure to see if its correct, but how do you THAT something is correct?

Is there some special, master tape measure that our government holds deep in the bowels of Fort Knox that is the final, say all, be all on what the actual size of an inch is? I mean how do we really know?

If the master template for an inch got changed by some evil doer? Just a minute alteration, every year or so, then our lives as we know it would be fucked. I mean think about it. If it were manipulated just a .001 of an inch each year, this would mean in a thousand years, one inch would really be two inches..... our whole existance would crumble... the earth would get out of tilt and a giant meteor would crash through your moms house, and watch Brady Bunch reruns for the next millenium.

Ok, so maybe that last part wouldn't happen, but its something to think about....