Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hawaii Trip

I just returned from a 10 day stay in Hawaii.

My sister was getting married, and flew us all out for her wedding. The wedding was cool, her new husband is cool, and except for one small incident, I think everyone had a great time.

There are only 2 things I hate about going to Hawaii:

1) Having to leave
2) The longass plane ride! My god, that flight sucks!

Anyways, all of the locals talk about living "aloha". To them, it's a way of life.

I won't bore you with pages of vacation pictures, but I will post a few that I think capture the essence of "Aloha".

This is at a place called Shark's Cove. I'm not sure why they call it Shark's Cove... I didn't see one shark!

The next one is from Ko'Olina Beach I beleive. This was a pretty cool beach. Theres like 4 lagoons you can snorkle in there.

I beleive the next on is at the North Shore. This is a good surfing spot I guess. Lots of surfers, and Volkswagen Vans there. I'm sure you know it is on the North side of the island!

This was taken at some little public beach access my sister took us to. I don't know the name of it, or where it was at, but it was a cool beach. The water was nice, and there were two small islands about a half mile or so off the shore. It was awesome!

I beleive this last one was at Hunama Bay. Hunama is my favorite place to go. You can snorkle all over the reef, and there are tons of fish. We see a shitload of fish there, and hawaiin fish are so colorful. We also saw some eels, and a sea turtle. That place is the bomb!

Well enough vacation pics, I'm sure you're all bored to death.

Wrap up: Hawaii rocks!

Monday, July 03, 2006

DIY Poker Table Part IV : Poker Table Takes Manhattan

Ok, to start off with, let me show you the table as it sits:

After much thought - I decide the drink holders need to go in. I would hate to have to whoop someones ass because they knocked a drink over, so to keep people from getting whooped, I opted for the holders...

First, I needed a pattern. The hole for the holders is supposed to be 3 3/4". Well I tried a few different things, then I found a roll of tape that was close:

So I traced the tape on a test piece of wood. I didn't want to fuck up the table and cut the wrong sized hole. After tracing on the test wood, I cut it out with the jigsaw.

Checked the cupholder and it fit well!

So the circle I cut out became my pattern.

I went around the table and marked where each holder would go. A lot of the things I've read, had all this math to determine where the cupholders go. Fuck that! I eyeballed it.

I went around the table and marked all the spots. And then cut.

I again, used a drill to drill holdes on the throw-away piece (the circle) and then insert the jigsaw to cut the hole.

After drilling a hold big enough to fit the blade of the saw, I then proceeded to cut:

After cutting the hole, pop in the cup holder!

So go ahead and install all the cupholders!

Now all this sawing creates a lot of sawdust.... You can either clean it all by hand, or do like me and break out the leaf blower! Works fucking awesome!

Now lets put the bumper on, and check it out...

Ahhhh yeaahhhhh!

Ok, time to mount the rail to the base. If I was smart, I would have put some Tee-Bolts in the rail, but apparently Im a jackass. So what's left to do?

Spread out a blanket:

Place the rail face down on the blanket:

Now take the table and fit onto the upside down rail.

Then take some 1 1/4" screws and drill them in near the edge of the rail. I used about 18 screws.

While the table's upside down, go ahead and tighten up the bolts that hold the playing field to the base:

Now the table is one piece.

Heres the final product:

Im still debating on what type of legs to mount it on....

We were getting anxious, so we played some GO FISH and some SLAP JACK:

More to come!