DIY Poker Table Part C


Today I bought some lacquer (how the hell do you spell that?) and will be putting it on the racetrack, and wrapping the bumper, and mounting everything.

First, I applied a coat of lacquer to the racetrack, so that it could dry whilest I work on the railing...

Ok, everything I read said to use 1 inch foam for the bumper. Have you ever bought 1 inch foam? Gas is cheaper!!!!! So I opted for the cheaper method of batting. I figured I'd double it up and be golden.....

I spread it out, doubled it up, and laid the rail on it. Then I trimmed it to about 2 inches on either side...

Then I started stapling. I was pulling it taunt, but not tight. I didnt want it to be too thin. Be sure to cut triangles on the inside turns, so you dont get wrinkles.

Ok, I finished, and flipped the rail over, and pshaw! The batting was a bad call! I may as well have just wrapped the wood in vinyl. Then it hit me! The automotive headliner! I only used a small bit for the playing field. I should have plenty for the bumper....

Well, like a dumbass, when I was cutting out the headliner for the playing field, I din't think I'd need it, so I didnt center it up or anything, I just threw it on and cut. Might I suggest, if you want to use the excess headliner for the bumper, to center up the playing field when cutting the material for it.

So I was fucked and didnt have enough to do the far end. I did what I could, and then used the scraps to piece together that end.

Then I stapled those down, and got them as lined up as I could.

The padding for the bumper is done!

The next step is the vinyl! Now remember, I've also been going out and re-lacquering the racetrack as it dries! (And smoking, and grabbing beers of course!)

Take the vinyl and spread it out face down. Place the newly padded rail on top of it. (Pad down - duh!)

Start on the outside, and go around, stapling and pulling tight as go! You dont want any wrinkles in the vinyl!

When you finish, you'll have a table! Don't try to sit anything on it though... I doubt it would hold much!

Ok, now take a razor knife, and cut the inside like so:

Now just go around and staple your little ass off! Be sure to pull the material tight, so you have no wrinkles! Also, trim off all the excess so it sits better on the table. I had to go back and trim better because it didnt sit right.

*** TIP ***

Heres a hot tip!

If you own an electric staple gun, USE IT!

If you don't, BUY ONE!

If you own one, but can't find it, BUY A NEW ONE!!!

I have one, but couldn't fnid it, so I used a manual hand staple gun....

The result was:

Nice looking table, and three popped blisters!

So unless you love the everlasting pain of blisters, make sure you have an electric stapler.

Ok, now with the bumper complete, and the 5 coats of lacquer dry, lets put it together and bask in it's holyness!! (or is it holiness?)

GODDAMN! I'm gonna change my name to Johnny Fucking Carpenter!

Ok, now we need to mount the racetrack to the base.

Again, I used Tee Nuts.

Out of humility and to keep from boring you with a story, just know that I only had 2 Tee nuts left of the 8 I bought, so I only put one at each end. But I'm going to get more. I think 10 around the table would be perfect!

Just be sure to put them close enough to the edge, that they are covered up by the bumper.

Now, the table bolted together, with a little character:

All that's left are the legs, and the cupholders. After sitting at the table for a bit, I'm having second thoughts on the cupholders. I'm guessing they will help prevent spills, but it looks good the way it is. I think I'll survey the other guys I play with and see what they think.

Well, my next post will be about mounting the legs, and possibly the cupholders. But as far as the tabletop goes, it's done!

Time for a Mickeys!

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