How to fillet a catfish

First thing you need to do is catch a catfish. :)

Then, nail its head to a tree.

Take a very sharp fillet knife, and cut a line across the back of it's
neck. Just enough to break the skin.

Take some pliers, and grab the skin and pull it down. You should be
able to rip off all the skin in just a couple pieces.

After it is skinned, take your knife and run it down one side of its
spine. This should create a nice little start for the fillet. While
pulling the fillet away from the fish with one hand, continually run
your knife VERY LIGHTLY down the cut. You can feel the ribcage and other

Cut across the side of the fish just above its tail. This will allow
the fillet to separate.

Just keep running your knife down the cut, feeling the bones, and
cutting around them.

When you get down to the belly, you need to pull the fillet away from
the fish while lightly, continually running your knife down the cut. This
will eventually break way, and the fillet should come off in your hand.

Filleting this way prevents you from having to gut the fish, and gives
you a nice boneless fillet.

After you finish one side, do the same to the other side.

You will then have 2 nice fillets.

Smoke a cig, and admire your 'Jenny Craig' skills when it comes to

Take the fillets inside and wash off the blood. The blood will give it
a tainted taste.

Marinade, and cook!


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