Fun With Cancer

My wife says I'm going to die from cancer cause I smoke like a chimney.
Therefore it is my god given right to make fun of cancer.

Here is the begining of my childrens book I'm working on called 'Fun
with Cancer'

Chapter one

See Dick?
See Dick die?
Dick has cancer.
See Jane cry?
Shut the fuck up Jane!

Chapter two

See Dicks dad?
He has a hole in his throat.
It's called a tracheotomy.
Light up another one pop!

Chapter three

See Janes mom.
What is odd about her?
She only has one boob.

Chapter four

See Spot?
Spot has a lump on his head.
I wonder what it is.
Let's poke it with a pencil.
Poor spot....

Chapter five

See Jane?
She's all grown up now.
She's a hillbilly.
She chews tobacco.
Well, she did until the doctors had to cut off her cheek and lips .

That's all I got so far. Its a work in progress. I need someone to
illustrate it, because I can't draw for shit.