DIY Bathroom Remodeling Part 1

Well, my wife gets the wise idea to remodle our bathroom. Well, she has
the idea, but it will be ME whom is doing the work.

First I started with a putty knife and a hammer, and began removing the
tile from the walls. Be careful while doing this so as to not tear up the
sheetrock too bad.

As I made my way around the room, I removed the fixtures as I came to

The toilet is simple. Just turn off the water coming from the wall.
Then flush the toilet. Next use a plastic cup to hand remove the leftover
water from the bowl.

Disconnect the water line with a pair of channel-locks or the like.

Remove the two bolts on either side of the toilet that hold it to the
floor. Get a buddy (or your wife) to help you lift the toilet and put it in
the tub.

**NOTE** Be sure you have a piece of cardboard or plastic or something
inside the tub to set the toilet on. There is old funky wax on the
bottom of the toilet that will get all over the tub if you don't!!
Also, take a plastic cup or something to plug the hole in the floor, so
no sewer gas comes up into the house. Just make sure the cup is big enough
so it doesnt fall down into the hole. You just want to plug it!

I had to call my brother for instructions on removing the sink, but that
too is simple.

Again, turn off the water, and disconnect the lines. Losen the nuts on
either side of the "J" bend pipe (or trap - whatever you call it). Mine
fell straight off. Be sure to have a bucket under it, because a little water
will come out as well.

After everything is disconnected, it lifted right up off the bracket
that is mounted to the wall. Who'd have thunk the sink itself isn't bolted to
the wall anywhere??

Anyways, then finish removing the tile.

What you're left with isn't pretty, but it is usable if you weren't
real rough removing the tile!

In part 2 we will finish it all up.

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